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Daniel's Artisan Cheese

Daniel's Artisan Cheese

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Daniel's Artisan is focused on building relationships by connecting the customer directly to the producers of Washington State's most flavorful creations of a variation of different style of cheeses.

Within the heart of the Pacific Northwest, in Washington state, three generations of the Wavrin family are proud to present artisan cheese crafted in the Italian tradition.  This happens on our farm in Ferndale. We use only milk we produce from cows we raise, fed from the crops that we grow.

We make authentic heritage cheese from Italy, using techniques taught to us by the artisans, technicians, and food scientists of that country.  With their help we are able to bring heirloom cultures and enzymes over from a small culture house near Naples.  In doing so, you can be sure there is no better representation than Ferndale Farmstead when it comes to these age-old culinary staples.

Our cheeses come to life under the principles of old-world cheesemaking, with a focus always on purity and flavor.  All handmade in a closed-loop system right where the animals live.